Storm Tracker – Enhance Your Business

Count on Beacon to help with all your storm repair needs from products, services and benefits that can help you save time.

Get real-time storm alerts in the palm of your hand – anytime, anywhere, for free. 

PRO+ gives you visibility into hail, wind, and tornadoes with our powerful storm tracker, Storm+. It will save you time by identifying areas impacted by storms and enhance your business by providing new selling opportunities on the go.

Storm+ pinpoints street-level detail of storm impact. Share custom storm reports with sales teams, to maximize roofing restoration and repair profit opportunities.

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Storm+ Storm swath illustrating a hail storm

Storm Tracker Capabilities

  • Wind Reports
  • Tornado Reports
  • Storm Paths
  • Storms in Motion
  • Small Hail
  • Medium Hail
  • Large Hail

Just 4 steps to use our real-time storm tracker:

  1. Enter a zip code
  2. Select the time frame for the report, up to two years
  3. Choose an impact radius in miles
  4. Pick the level of hail impact you want to track

Once you take these steps, customized storm maps will be at your fingertips! If you’re on the road, you can access Storm+ from your phone instead of your computer.

With real-time lead generation, Storm+ empowers you to sell the storm and enhance your business. 

Storm+ on mobile and laptop devices