Pro Plus FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase from the Beacon website?
In order to purchase online from Beacon, you must be a customer in good standing. If you’re interested in ordering from us, submit your request today.  

Can I simply use a credit card to purchase online?
At this time, Beacon PRO+ does not accept credit cards for online purchases. You can purchase and it will be invoiced and paid through your normal process. To simplify bill payment, please sign up for online bill pay.

How do I become a customer of Beacon?
You can start by filling out a credit application or contacting your local branch

How do I create an account on Pro+?
Fill out the form below and our customer support team will create an account for you within 24 hours.
You will then receive an email prompting you to set your password.

How can I reset my password?
Go to, click on the “Forgot Your Password” button, and enter an email address. Then click on “Retrieve Password”. The system will send an email with a link to create your password and login.

How do I get help getting started with Beacon Pro+?
You can work with anyone from your local Beacon team, or you can contact customer support for a digital demo using chat,, or 888-685-6111.

How can I sign up on online bill pay? Who can give me an enrollment token?
There is a Billtrust application on the Beacon website which you can submit to have your online bill pay account created. Once submitted, the credit team will follow up with your login credentials. Request Access to Online Bill Pay

How can I sign up for Beacon 3D+?
Users can login to Beacon 3D+ using their Beacon PRO+ login credentials. You can download the Beacon 3D+ app or go to to simply login.

What do I do if I can’t find an item on the website?
You can contact your local Beacon branch or the support team at Beacon PRO+. Or you can simply add it to order notes at checkout.