Simplify Your Day with Better Project Management

Beacon’s exclusive partnership with JobNimbus gives you access to unique features that save time and simplify your workday.

  • 43% Average Revenue Growth
  • Save 8 Hours Per Person/Per Week
  • Collect 25% More Payments

Real-time Pricing: Beacon receives your order and begins processing for delivery. Review your order and verify everything you need is ordered correctly.  
Location-Based Supply: Pulls directly from the Beacon inventory databases to ensure real-time material availability
Direct Ordering: Through Beacon PRO+, eliminate the back-and-forth to streamline processing and delivery operations

Contractors planning their next job using Job Nimbus

Become more efficient and build your business with features from JobNimbus

  • Easy to Use
  • Access Data Anytime, Anywhere
  • Secure
  • Organization on a New Level
  • Mobile Access
  • Collaborate with Everyone, Everywhere
  • Lightning Fast Performance
  • Powerful Integrations

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