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JobNimbus brings all the tools a roofing company needs to get organized and grow. Integrating your Beacon PRO+ account just takes it to the next level.


  • CRM - Everything in one place
  • Marketing - Build your online presence
  • Sales - SumoQuote built in
  • Production - Order directly from Beacon PRO+
  • Pro Services - On-site Experts
  • Communication - Text messaging and email built in

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Everything’s done right there. It saves at least an hour a day.

- David Belviy, Owner, Pro Restoration Plus

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What can you do with JobNimbus and Beacon PRO+?

Get live pricing by location for hyper-accurate estimates

Know up to the second the price you’ll pay for materials, making it easier for you to provide an accurate estimate to the homeowner while ensuring you hit your target profit margin.

Send your orders directly to Beacon PRO+

Forget picking up the phone (or, even worse, firing up that fax machine). Your material orders can be sent to Beacon PRO+ right from JobNimbus, saving you time and getting you instant confirmation that they received it.

Get order and delivery updates in real-time

You know how fun it is to follow your pizza delivery? Imagine that but with your material orders. JobNimbus shows you order updates and notifies you when your materials are delivered.

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