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We are proud of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, keep our employees safe and healthy, give back to our communities, and uphold our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct as a guide for everything we do. We are also enthusiastic about new directions for responsible growth. We have set a goal of reducing our carbon emission intensity 50% by 2030 with a focus on our facilities and fleet. We launched our Corporate Social Responsibility Council this year, who will be responsible for guiding our initiatives and progress and also measuring and tracking work to improve our impact. Together with our employees, suppliers and customers, our Corporate Social Responsibility Council will help us build the path to a more diverse and more sustainable future.

We want to continue to be a leading employer, the most trusted supplier for our customers, and a reputable partner in our communities. The same values that helped Beacon grow to become one of the oldest and most established distributors in the industry will propel our growth for years to come.

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